Explore our diverse range of innovative products, including the Electronic Hand Dynamometer, Smart Measuring Tape, Electronic Luggage Scale, Electronic Baby Scale, and Wireless Body Height Meter, designed to simplify and enhance your daily routines.


Electronic Hand Dynamometer: Achieve your fitness goals with a Camry hand dynamometer, meticulously engineered to measure grip strength with precision and accuracy. 

Smart Measuring Tape: Streamline your measurement tasks with our smart measuring tape, combining traditional utility with modern innovation. 

Electronic Digital Travel Scale: Avoid excess baggage fees and ensure stress-free travel experiences with our lightweight yet robust digital hanging luggage scale, designed for accuracy and ease of use.

Electronic Baby Scale: Monitor your child's growth with confidence and peace of mind, thanks to the Camry infant weighing scale.

Wireless Body Height Meter: Whether you're tracking growth or monitoring health metrics, trust Camry to deliver precise results.


Camry is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that simplify your life. Explore our range of electronic measuring devices and discover the perfect blend of functionality, reliability, and modern design.

  • Hanging Scale-NTA

  • Electroni Hand Dynamometer

  • Smart Measuring Tape

  • Electronic Luggage Scale

  • Electronic Luggage Scale

  • Electronic Baby Scale

  • Wireless Body Height Meter