Why Choose Camry Scales?


When it comes to selecting a reliable and innovative weighing solution, Camry stands out as a world-leading company with over 40 years of expertise in the research, development, and manufacture of health measurement products. Renowned for its superior quality and novel designs, Camry is dedicated to providing both household and commercial customers with cutting-edge products and exceptional service. With a focus on capacity, creativity, efficiency, and a robust global network, Camry continues to advance its competitive edge, making it the preferred choice for discerning customers worldwide.


Why Choose Camry Scales?


Various Products


Camry offers an extensive range of over 450 product models, catering to both household and commercial needs. The product lineup includes:


● Smart Body Fat Scale

● Smart Nutritional Scale

● Electronic Body Fat (Personal) Scale

● Electronic Kitchen Scale

● Commercial Scale

● Hanging Tape

● Electronic Hand Dynamometer

● Smart Measuring Tape

● Electronic Luggage Scale

● Electronic Baby Scale

● Wireless Body Height Meter


Each product is available in multiple models and designs, ensuring that customers can find the perfect item to meet their specific needs. As a top-ranked OEM/ODM supplier, Camry supports one-step reliable, and precise weighing solutions, making it a versatile choice for various measurement requirements.


Fast Delivery


Camry is the largest household scale manufacturer globally, with a factory covering 107,000 square meters and employing over 2,000 staff across 27 assembly lines. This massive production capacity allows Camry to produce up to 2.8 million scales monthly. Key components, including high-precision sensors, are manufactured in-house, ensuring a quick and solid supply chain. Additionally, 20% of the production process is automated, further enhancing efficiency and quality. This robust infrastructure enables Camry to provide customers with the fastest order response times.


Superior Quality


Camry adheres to the ISO:9001 quality management system, implementing strict IQC, IPQC, and final QA processes from raw materials to finished products. New items undergo rigorous internal lab tests before launch, utilizing advanced testing equipment such as:


● Universal Material Testing Machine

● EMC Testing Machine

● XRF Quick Screening Machine

● Sclerometer Machine

● Weight Checking Machine

● Fatigue Testing Machine

● Alternating Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

● Drop Test Machine

● Transport Package Simulation


These facilities ensure the highest quality standards. Camry also sends products to third-party labs for certifications like CE, RoHS, REACH, PAHs, LFGB, and OIML. With a 99% customer satisfaction rating and Walmart JQMP certification since 2015, Camry's commitment to quality is evident.


Research & Design Advantages


Camry boasts a team of over 50 R&D engineers dedicated to independent research in both hardware and software. This expertise allows Camry to launch 45 new products annually and secure more than 300 intellectual property rights. The company continuously updates its APP functions and offers SDKs for customer-specific secondary development, ensuring that its products remain reliable, convenient, and user-friendly.


Camry's innovative designs have earned prestigious awards, including the Reddot Design Award and the Canton Fair Design Award Gold Winner. These accolades reflect the market's positive reception of Camry's products.




Choosing Camry Scales means opting for a brand that excels in product variety, fast delivery, superior quality, and innovative research and design. With a global network and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Camry stands out as a leader in the weighing scale industry. Discover our diverse range of weighing products designed to elevate your health, wellness, and culinary experiences. Feel free to contact us for more. Products can be customized if you can meet the OEM/ODM quantity.